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  • Colchester & Ipswich Museums

    “Our Mono 3D case has allowed many high profile object loans to go ahead, most recently the Mildenhall Great Dish was loaned to Colchester & Ipswich Museums by the British Museum because they had a Mono 3D to display it. The Mono 3D meets National Indemnity standards.”

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    The Brent Museum
  • Colchester Castle Museum

    "The Guardian to the Kings exhibition demonstrated the full potential of the TESS Evolution system by producing a 1800mm x 3600mm showcase to exhibit 20 terracotta miniatures from the Han Dynasty."

    Darren Stevens, Exhibitions Officer. Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service

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  • Fitzwilliam Museum

    "The scale of the exhibition, the complexities of the display and the need to adhere to strict museum standards meant that we needed a reliable company to work with. TESS did not let us down."

    Nicola Gauld, Research Associate. Fitzwilliam Museum

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  • Mary Rose Exhibition

    "The TESS cases complemented the modern simplicity of the venue, whilst providing the highest possible build quality, environmental control and security."

    Mark Ellis, Exhibition Designer. Mary Rose Exhibition

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  • MET Police Heritage Centre

    "From the initial site visit to delivery and installation the service and products supplied have been outstanding."

    Anna Gardiner, Head of Events and Income Development Unit. Metropolitan Police Service

    MET Police Heritage Centre
  • Tullie House

    Located in the heart of the Historic Quarter of Carlisle between the Castle and the Cathedral, Tullie House is one of the top visitor attractions in Cumbria.

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  • York Art Gallery

    "The cases we chose had to be high spec - simple enough in design that they didn't outshine objects on display, adaptable enough to suit a variety of exhibition designs, but clever enough to meet the highest requirements of any potential lender."

    Helen Walsh, Assistant Curator of Decorative Arts, York Art Gallery

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  • Blue Tokay Natural History Exhibitions

    “The TESS Evolution cases look very elegant and display our exhibition really well. Their portability means we are able to move them from venue to venue without having to be too concerned about access.”

    Nicola Newton, Owner, Blue Tokay

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    Blue Tokay
  • Wardown Park Museum

    "Mono and Evolution cases provide versatility in room layout options; and are "neutral" enough to fit in with the stylistic differences between exhibitions."

    Andrew Naish, Designer and Exhibitions Officer, Museums Luton

    Wardown Park Museum
  • Wiltshire Heritage Museum

    "We are extremely pleased with our TESS cases. Impressed by the high quality materials and workmanship used to make them, I also feel reassured that they provide a secure environment for displaying precious items."

    Lisa Webb, Curator, Wiltshire Heritage Museum.

    Wiltshire Heritage Museum
  • Wartski

    "We were delighted that TESS were able to construct for us elegant showcases that not only suited our security requirements but also fitted in so well with our premises. The firm was extremely helpful in accommodating our extensive needs and we would have no hesitation in recommending them."

    Katherine Purcell, Associate Managing Director

  • The Palais de Tokyo

    "The demountable case can be transported and installed very easily in an exhibition space, whatever the location and the access constraints involved by the project."

    Marc-Olivier Wahler. Director of the Palais de Tokyo

    The Palais de Tokyo
  • The Brent Museum

    "The TESS team were very knowledgeable and helpful. It was good to know a quick email or phone call could put us in touch with the TESS team who would help to sort out any queries or problems."

    Hannah Phung, Exhibitions Officer. Brent Museum

    The Brent Museum
  • The British Empire & Commonwealth Museum

    "The cases and service provided by TESS were exceptional, and their after-sales service is second to none."

    Anne Lineen, Exhibition Floor Manager. British Empire & Commonwealth Museum

    The British Empire and Commonwealth Museum

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