Our products

For many years, showcasing a temporary exhibition has been a resource-intensive exercise. Many showcases for temporary or travelling exhibitions are designed for limited use, and must be disposed of when that use is over. We at TESS are fundamentally opposed to this outdated and unsustainable approach.

The best way to recycle something is to go on using it, so TESS showcases are designed to be re-used. You don't have to throw them away when your initial needs have passed. Infinitely flexible, TESS Demountable showcases can go on protecting and presenting your exhibits time and time again. There's no need to replace them - just dismantle them yourself and rebuild them when you next need temporary, overspill or touring cases.

When we make a showcase, we do everything we can to reduce our environmental footprint. We use recycled materials wherever possible, our production systems have been painstakingly tuned to minimise waste at all stages of the manufacturing process, and the unavoidable waste that we do create is aggressively recycled.

The extremely high conservation and security standards of our TESS showcases ensure that your exhibits are protected and preserved for future generations - whether these exhibits are displayed in one venue, or shown all over the world.

Sustainability is at the core of our business. It reflects our continual awareness of the economic, environmental and social impact of our activities.