Working with TEG

The TESS Inca-6 Demountable range is an adaptation of the world-class ClickNetherfield Inca-6 design and replaces our old Spectrum range.

Offering all of the aesthetic and performance attributes of the parent company design, the I-6D variant allows the end user to build, dismantle and relocate the cases as required.

Suitable for both permanent and temporary exhibition use, I6-D takes demountable showcases to the next level and can be specified in single, stand-alone form; or in multi-bay configurations of different shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Technical information

System sizes

I-6D is available in a variety of standard sizes and specific made-to-order sizes, including multi-bay configurations, although careful consideration should be given to the ease of handling of larger panels of glass and also the supporting plinths (if present).

Structural glass

11.5mm thick laminated anti-bandit glass conforming to BS EN: 356P4A, is fitted as standard. The laminated glass we use also has the added benefit of filtering over 97% of UV radiation between the harmful wavelengths of 320 & 380 nanometres.

Your glazing options include:

  • High quality low-iron content Optiwhite™ glass, which makes the objects on display look much better, as it doesn't have the green tint that is seen in standard glass.
  • SCHOTT Amiran® low-reflective glass treatment is also available to further enhance the viewing experience. This treated glass is only 1% reflective compared to the normal 8% reflectivity of normal glass and offers an exceptionally clear view of the display objects.

System extrusions

The showcase structure comprises purpose designed aluminium extrusions, which are fully concealed behind the glass and colour coded to suit.


Each case has a simple to use door with either a fully concealed dual action hinge system, or a fully concealed roller bearing pull/slide mechanism. Both door types are secured with a concealed hardened steel espagnolette closure mechanism.


Each door is equipped with a pair (or more) of extractable Abloy high security CL291 cartridge locks which can be suited to suit individual requirements.

Lighting options

Each case can be fitted with either low energy consumption dimming LED lighting; or dimming fibre optic lighting incorporated in a recessed duct. The fibre optic light source is also available in an LED option if required. Please note that we need to know what type of lighting you would like when you order the case, as lighting types are not interchangeable. Other lighting options are available.

Power supply

Each case requires an external power supply, so please tell us your voltage requirements when you order a case with lighting. Power may be supplied to the case from an overhead track, or from below through a fully concealed power transfer conduit kit. All connections use standard IEC plugs and sockets and no user wiring is needed.


Inert extruded silicone seals are fitted within a discreet protective aluminium edging. The seals are easily replaced if they become damaged, as they are not glued in place. Cases typically have an air exchange rate of 0.25 (or better) per 24 hours. 0.1 AER performance can also be achieved if required.

Environmental control

Each case can be equipped with the following options:

  • A low capacity passive system using a conditioning material reservoir beneath the internal base display board.
  • A high capacity remote passive system using a conditioning material reservoir in the supporting plinth (this can be serviced without opening the showcase).
  • A fully active climate control system can be located in a supporting plinth or an adjacent structure. A constant power supply is required for this option.


Each case can be fitted with fully height adjustable, stainless steel pendant rod shelving with 8mm thick toughened glass shelves as standard.

Base display board

The standard base display board is manufactured from ZF-MDF, which is sealed with a water-based acrylic lacquer and wrapped in fabric from the Baumann Ultra range. Alternative panels and finishes are available.

Case plinth

Where applicable, the standard supporting plinth is manufactured from ZF-MDF with integral levelling adjusters. The plinth is normally painted and may easily be removed, repaired and/or repainted if required. Alternative construction methods and finishes are available.